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Grow Your Way out of Recession: Victory Garden Revival!

Today, as growing economic strain collides with growing concern for the environment, a modern-day victory garden movement is emerging. During both world wars, the American government promoted victory gardens to ease the pressure of public food supply. Consequently, citizens who grew their own vegetables, fruits and herbs became more self-sufficient and less vulnerable to economic [...]

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Introducing Kitty Corral Cat Fencing System

Deerbusters.com, a leader in deer fencing for over 25 years, developed a durable and affordable cat fencing system that allows cats the outdoor time they crave.Why use cat fencing? Outdoor time provides your cat with an opportunity for exercise, mental stimulation and stress relief.Why use Kitty Corral brand cat fencing? Our cat fence is made from the [...]

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Spotlight: DeerBusters Brand Deer Repellent

DeerBusters Brand Deer Repellent At our deer fencing company, we offer effective DeerBusters brand deer repellents that repel deer with tastes and odors that are undetectable to humans. Our highly-tested natural ingredients are safe for use around pets and children. Deerbusters brand repellents form a long-lasting, year-round foliar spray for shrubbery, trees, flowers and ornamentals without [...]

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The History of DeerBusters

DeerBusters first got its start in the late 80′s as the first nationally recognized deer fencing company. The fencing products that consumers found during the beginning stages of the deer control industry were developed in conjunction with the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Agency. The applications, materials, and methods of deer fencing were taken directly [...]

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Types of Deer Fencing

Electric fencing is very popular as it is one of the cheapest deer fencing options available.  Unlike other fencing methods, it is less of a barrier than it is a training tool.  Electric fencing systems use baited line and lures to encourage deer to come toward the fence, delivering a shock when the animal investigates [...]

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The Benefits of Fixed Knot Fencing

Fixed knot fencing is the strongest woven wire fencing that you can purchase.  It is made of high tensile galvanized steel wire that makes it stronger and lighter than other types of agricultural fencing.  Sturdy vertical stay wires and line wires are locked into a square grid pattern by an independent wire knotted at each [...]

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Special Tools Explained

The installation of your new deer fence will require you to familiarize yourself with the specialized tools required to make sure that your fence is effective and long-lasting.  Crimping Tool for Monofilament Sleeves If you have decided to use monofilament sleeves to terminate or connect monofilament wire on your deer fence installation, you will need to use [...]

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Why Ground Sleeves?

We pride ourselves in offering a product that is effective and reliable, but doesn’t require professional assistance to install.  Our ground sleeve system greatly reduces the amount of effort required for installation, allowing the homeowner to set up a deer fence in as little as a day with only one other set of hands to [...]

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Deer Fence Tensioning

What is Tensioning? When the term “tensioning” is used at DeerBusters, it means exactly what you think it means.  Tensioning refers to  the tools and wire that give your deer fence tension, or keep it tight, which is important both in making sure that your fence is living up to its potential and that your landscape [...]

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Deer Behavior and Poly Fence Effectiveness

Height is typically the first thing a person thinks about when installing a deer fence, but not without good reason.  A deer, when motivated, is able to jump between six to eight feet, depending upon whether it is standing still or has a running start.  Hopping a fence is not the first plan of attack [...]

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