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Why Ground Sleeves?

Posted on 15th Nov 2013 @ 11:49 AM

1-5-8-sleeve.jpgWe pride ourselves in offering a product that is effective and reliable, but doesn’t require professional assistance to install.  Our ground sleeve system greatly reduces the amount of effort required for installation, allowing the homeowner to set up a deer fence in as little as a day with only one other set of hands to help.  The most trying part of installing a new fence has to be all of the hole-digging that comes with installing posts.  Traditional posts require post holes around two feet deep, and for a large enclosure, that amounts to serious time and labor (especially if your area is anything like ours—all clay).  A permanent fencing installation might also require you to set the posts in messy concrete that may take several hours to harden, slowing your installation time even more.  Ground sleeves, on the other hand, will provide excellent support and stability for your posts without the need to dig a single hole.  When you have chosen the sites for your posts, you will only have to use a drive cap and sledgehammer to drive the ground sleeves into the soil until they are flush with the surface.  The tapered bottom edge of the ground sleeves will pierce the soil easily, allowing you to drive them down deep without any digging.  Our drive caps fit perfectly into the tops of the sleeves, providing you a safe surface to strike that will prevent any warping, bending, or damage to the tops of the sleeves during installation.  Be sure to guide the sleeves as straight as possible into the ground, checking after every few strikes, to be sure that your posts will sit correctly.  Once your ground sleeves have been installed, installing your posts is as simple as picking one up and sliding it into a ground sleeve.

Our ground sleeves will work to protect and extend the life of your posts.  During installation, using the drive cap and ground sleeve system will save your posts from any damage that embedding them directly into the ground might cause.  Attempting to drive your posts into the ground in a similar fashion would mangle the tops and bottoms, and setting your posts in concrete may result in crooked, unusable posts.    Ground sleeves will help you ensure that your posts are unharmed during installation, and will allow you to easily correct posts if they aren’t straight.  After installation, they will provide a galvanized steel jacket for your posts, protecting them from corrosion damage, especially during the winter months. 

We like to think that the best feature of our ground sleeve system is the adaptability it gives our deer fencing, particularly for those wanting a temporary enclosure.  Homeowners using our poly fence to protect their gardens love the ease with which they can remove posts from the ground and tear down their fence when the growing season is over.  Taking down your garden enclosure and storing it during harsh winter weather will only extend the life of your deer fence.  When it comes to altering, removing, or adding on to an existing fence, ground sleeves are invaluable.  Posts embedded into the ground will have to be dug up, new holes will have to be made, and if they have been set in concrete, the posts will need to be replaced.  Ground sleeves can be removed from the ground for reuse or driven farther into the ground and replaced with a new ground sleeve, allowing you to reuse the post.

This touches on another advantage of ground sleeves: saving money.  Ground sleeves extend the life of your posts by protecting them during and after installation, so you can get years of service out of your posts before you will need to replace them.  This is also true of your fence as a whole; having the ability to remove and store your fence for the winter will extend its life and ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.  When changing the layout of your fence, it is much more cost-effective to replace your ground sleeves instead of your posts.

Take a look at our selection of heavy duty round posts and ground sleeves for more information, or view our installation video to see our ground sleeve system in action.



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