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Repellex Systemic Granular Animal Repellent, 1.5 lb.


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    Product Description

    Brand new from Repellex, a granular version of the outstanding Repellex Systemic Tablet.  Repellex Systemic Granular Repellent will deter deer, rabbits, moles, voles, gophers, groundhogs, cats, and dogs from nibbling on any of your ornamental flowers, shrubs, and trees for up to one year following a single application.  This revolutionary formula, safe for your plants and your family, contains the active ingredient, capsaicin.  Once the granular repellent is applied to the soil surrounding the plant you’d like to protect, this food grade and safe ingredient will be taken up by the roots of the plant.  Capsaicin will cause all parts of the protected plant to become foul-tasting to garden intruders, and you’ll find that deer and other pests will quickly find another source of food.  Because the repellent is absorbed into the plant, it is rainproof.  The granular form means no mixing, no mess, and no spraying.  Simply apply once to the ground surrounding your plants, rake, and water it in.  This product comes in a 1.5 lb. container.  

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