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Repellex Systemic Tablets-50 Pack

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Repellex Systemic Tablets-50 Pack

One Single Application- Year Long Protection

  • Rainproof
  • Protects Ornamentals
  • Lasts up to One Year
  • No Mixing
  • No Spraying

NEW! Exclusive Technology. The Repellex Systemic Tablet is a breakthrough technology that allows for the active ingredient (capsaicin) to be absorbed directly into the plant simply by planting a tablet near the root system of the plant. The capsaicin which is foul-tasting to animals will then repel deer, rabbits, cats, groundhogs and more.

The systemic tablets are easy to use requiring no measuring, mixing or spraying and can be used on ornamentals, flowers, trees and shrubs. Since the active ingredient is absorbed straight into the plant through the root system the repellent is present throughout the entire plant- roots, stems and leaves. The repellent also cannot be washed off with heavy rainfall like traditional spray or powder repellents. Repellex Systemic Tablets contain USA sourced food grade safe capsaicin and all non-active ingredients are naturally derived.

Repels: Deer, Rabbits, Moles, Voles, Gophers, Groundhogs, Feral Hogs, Dogs, and Cats from Ornamental Plants. Does not affect birds and insects.

Repellex Systemic Tablets can take 7-30 days for the repellent to be completely absorbed into the plant. During this time it is recommended to apply a spray repellent such as Deer Busters Deer Repellent to protect foliage while the systemic repellent reaches an effect level. Apply 1 tablet for every foot of plant height and width (height +width)


Watch a news article below regarding the effectiveness of systemic tablets and the science behind it.


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