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  • Damminix Tick Tubes

Damminix Tick Tubes


Damminix Tick Tubes

Active Ingredients

Permethrin 7.4%  


Tick-borne illness is a very serious threat for those in rural or wooded areas, and keeping ticks away from your property can seem impossible.  Damminix Tick Tubes are the ingenious answer to those with tick woes, using the behavior of mice to dispense pesticide to the ticks.  Tick Tubes are small cardboard tubes stuffed with permethrin-soaked cotton.  When placed around wood piles, ground cover, or under porches and decks, the mice hiding therein will gladly snatch the cotton to use for nesting material.  In the nest, their fur becomes coated with permethrin, making them walking baits for unsuspecting ticks.  This active ingredient, though highly toxic to ticks and other insects, is not harmful to humans, pets, or the mice themselves.  With Tick Tubes, you can reduce your likelihood of exposure to a Lyme-infected tick by up to 97%!  The Tick Tubes will not expire or lose effectiveness due to rain.  Tubes are six inches long and an inch and a half wide.  Comes in packs of six and 24.  Six tubes will treat up to 5,500 square feet, and 24 will treat up to 22,000 square feet.

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