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DIY Deer Fence Installation: Winter Deer Habits

The winter season is when deer activity finally starts to slow down. Due to harsh weather conditions and scarce food sources, deer tend not to expend much energy. Instead, they will hunker down and conserve their energy by utilizing their fat stores to survive. During this time of limited activity, deer will occasionally browse for food. They will eat anything from twigs and grass to leaves and nuts. Don’t let your yard become a deer browsing area.

DeerBusters has been leading the fencing industry for over 35 years with reliable DIY garden fence in plastic and metal fence materials for homes, farms (including hemp farms), forests, colleges, orchards, vineyards, and gardens. Deerbusters Deer Fence is proud to work with wildlife conservation agencies and landscape architects as well as deer farmers who are looking to keep in deer and elk herds with our fencing. Deerbusters stands by the garden fencing for sale on and has a long track record of loyal customers voicing positive shopping experiences. Wildlife exclusion has never been easier thanks to Deerbusters!

There are many reasons why customers choose to buy from Firstly, Deerbusters fencing is designed with the beginner in mind making systems easy to install in just one weekend with the help from a few friends. This means that hiring professional fence installers is not necessary - but we can always provide fence installer suggestions in your area, if needed!. Our virtually invisible deer deterrence fence mesh in black requires zero concrete to hold the fence parts into place and little maintenance upkeep after install. Lastly, Deerbusters fence are strong and reliable fence systems that not only keep deer out of gardens, but also help to reduce the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease to domestic deer herds and risk of tick diseases spread by deer ticks.

Deerbusters Fence Installation Is Easy!

Does Deerbusters Offer Other Types of Fence?

In addition to garden fence supplies, we also carry humane fence for dogs and cats. Our harm-free outdoor pet enclosures are alternative fence options for pet owners that do not want to use an in-ground wireless dog fence or electric fence on cats. While there are many types of pet fence on the market, we do not recommend pet fencing that may affect animal health or wellness. Yard fencing for dogs and cats allows pets to safely move around landscapes without fear of wildlife encounters and attacks. In addition to home use, our pet fencing is recommended for use at animal rescues, cat sanctuaries, dog shelters and training centers.

Where Can I Find Deerbusters?

@DeerbustersDeerFence is an e-commerce business without national locations at this time. Deerbusters deer fence materials ship directly from our headquarters in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. provides fence installation videos through our YouTube Channel and free download instructions on our website to help guide property owners when beginning the #DIY fence project. If you are ready to take back your garden, then you need to buy deer fence from No more wondering how to protect plants from #deerdamage.

Contact at (888) 422-3337 for yard fence prices and to discuss your garden management needs. Do-It-Yourself fence supplies are on their way to you!