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Deerbusters Deer Fence: The Best Defense Against Deer Damage On Landscape

Deer will continue to visit organic gardens this August to peruse the assortment of new crops available to them; and what they'll find is an abundance of fruits including peaches, plums and soon-to-be apples. In Canada, does and bucks will nibble on Haskap and blueberry bushes. If fruit growers don't act quickly to protect their fruit gardens with deer fencing and bird netting, they will find that their crops have been damaged by whitetails, small critters and birds. But, it isn't just fruit growers that should be worried about crop damage. Deer are circling around vegetable gardens and are planning to eat freshly-grown cauliflower, spinach, broccoli and herbs - if gardeners continue to leave their gardens unprotected. This is why growers need deer fencing from now.

It's simple: wildlife control solutions start with Deerbusters Deer Fencing! DeerBusters has been leading the fencing industry for over 30 years with reliable DIY garden fencing and quality fence parts for homes, farms, orchards, vineyards, and gardens. You may be wondering "Why don't I just install a chain link fence?" Although chain link fences are affordable, they corrode; they are heavy; and they block views - which is the difference between chain fences and a Deerbusters fence. offers deer fence for sale in various strengths and sizes. Our best deer fence for wildlife management, the Trident brand poly deer fence with rodent protection, is made from a strong plastic material that provides an extra rodent protection barrier at the bottom to stop digging rabbits, groundhogs and gophers. For high-impact deer pressure, consider our chew-proof metal deer fencing in a PVC-coating available in a steel hex web, welded wire or solid lock fixed knot material. We proudly carry TENAX products and offer the best prices on all virtually invisible plastic fencing by TENAX. In addition to our easy install poly, metal and electric fence, Deerbusters carries a full line of predator urine to further apply nuisance wildlife control and removal as well as bird netting for bird control. For pet owners, we even offer outdoor dog enclosures and cat fence kits - a more humane pet fence solution than those harmful shock collars and invisible dog fence. Perfect for animal rescue organizations, advocacy groups and pet parents.

Most orders ship directly from our headquarters in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania; but Deerbusters does stock some fence products through our California warehouse to provide even faster shipping options for customers. provides fence installation instructional videos through our YouTube Channel and free download instructions on our website to help guide property owners when beginning the DIY project without the need for professional installers - but we can always provide fence installer suggestions in your area! We welcome you to view our Customer Fence Portfolio and explore yard fence options for sale on To help our friends in the North, Deerbusters launched to accommodate the needs of landowners throughout Canada. If you are ready to take back your garden and are wondering how to protect your garden from deer, then you need a fence for deer management from Deerbusters. Contact Deerbusters today at (888) 422-3337 for yard fence prices and to discuss your garden management needs.

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