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Adopt a Cat Month


June is a time to celebrate the love and joy that cats bring into our lives!

Not only is this month declared by animal rescue groups to be Cat Adoption Month, but it is also kitten season, when we see an increase in feline breeding. Because there are an estimated 70 million homeless cats in the United States, and hundreds of thousands of cats euthanized annually, Deerbusters is joining animal shelters nationwide in the fight to get cats off the streets and into clean, forever homes.

Some incoming pet owners may be hesitant to adopt a kitten or cat from an animal rescue or shelter because of possible trauma that the cat experienced beforehand with another owner. Perhaps they were abused, neglected, or forgotten. Will they have behavioral issues?

But, cats can make wonderful pets; and it's important that we, as pet owners, give them the basic needs that they require - and then some! After you have brought home your new pet, you will need to train cats with clicker tools (best cat training method) and spoil them with cat treats and cat toys. Be sure to set out nutritious food, fresh water and a warm, dry place to curl-up to throughout the year. If you think the garage is a safe area for your cat, think again. Leaked fuel exhaust or fumes are bad for cat health if ingested and can lead to death. Lastly, cats need fresh air just as much as dogs; and they can wander the backyard freely in a Kitty Corral Outdoor Cat Enclosure.

6' x 200' Kitty Corral Cat Fence System"No more worries of dog attacks, coyotes lurking, vehicles, traps, or anything else that poses potential harm to my cat." Kim Smith, satisfied cat owner

By placing a cat behind a cat enclosure from, cats can enjoy the company from other animals while staying protected. This way, cat owners won't have to worry about their pets being lost, hurt or stolen.

Celebrate Cat Shelter Adoption Month with Deerbusters now; and check out cat fence kits and accessories from