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American Wetlands Month








American Wetlands Month is a time for state and local federal agencies, non-profit organizations and private sectors to come together to celebrate the importance of the wetlands and what it does for environmental management and stewardship.

American Wetlands Month was created in 1991 by EPA and other federal agencies. Wetlands are a natural resource to Americans that should be valued because of their ecological, economic and social health factors.

Wetlands occur in all 50 states. They are land areas that are generally marshy or swampy in nature and cover soil. This determines what plant life or wildlife may inhabit the area. They not only protect and improve water quality and flood protection, but they also provide habitat management for plants, fish and wildlife. In times of a dry spell, wetlands can provide water flow to areas that need restoration and habitat management.

Wetland management can be done through various activities to protect and restore wetlands areas. Natural wetland protection can be done with deer fencing and is recommended for habitat protection, as well.

Wetlands Managers and owners should consider the following before beginning a wetland improvement plan: land use, vegetation quality, water quality, wildlife habitat, presence of endangered species and cultural values (tribal, etc).

According to EPA, "Wetlands are renowned for their ability to remove excess nutrients, toxic substances, and sediment from water that flows through them, helping to improve downstream water quality and the overall health of waters in our communities. Studies indicate that, depending on the type of wetland, the season, and other factors, wetlands can retain significant percentages of pollutants such as nitrates, ammonium, phosphorus, and sediment loads. Natural wetlands have also been effective in removing harmful contaminants such as pesticides, landfill leachate, dissolved chlorinated compounds, metals, and excessive storm water runoff. They are so effective at improving water quality they have been referred to as the “kidneys” of a watershed."

Americans across the country can attend conferences and events organized by educators, scientists and environmental enthusiasts. Deerbusters encourages individuals to go out in the community to work with environment groups to protect, preserve and restore wetlands in their area.

Contact for help with wetland projects in your area. We can supply the fence materials to protect and restore wetlands!