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Are You Kidding Me with These Egg Prices?

Are You Kidding Me with These Egg Prices?

Posted by Jamie Shear Potash on 28th Feb 2023

Across national food chain grocery stores, costs for a dozen of packaged eggs have risen beyond consumers’ wildest dreams. According to January 19, 2023, article posted to Yahoo! Life (originally a … read more

Deerbusters Introduces New Electric Poultry Netting

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Jul 2019

Electric netting can be used for a variety of applications; but it is most commonly used to secure livestock animals such as poultry; sheep; pigs and goats. New to the electric net collection are … read more

It's National Chicken Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Sep 2018

September is National Chicken Month; and we're here to discuss why chicken owners mustn't cage chickens. Pardon the expression, but imagine being cooped up all day with dozens of other family mem … read more

Why Raise Free-Range Chickens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Jan 2018

Yes, chickens can be pets; and chicken owners want what's best for their flock. As a chicken owner, you have one of two choices: raise free-range chickens or cage them. Caged chickens don't have the s … read more

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