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Warning: Coyotes Attack Pets

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Apr 2020

Coyotes may look like medium-sized dogs; but they can be much more aggressive. While they generally tend to avoid human interaction, they will approach small dogs and domestic cats if given the cha … read more

Protect Cats: Enforce Coyote Management

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Mar 2020

New research declares that coyotes will choose domestic cats as snacks [in addition to anything else they can stick in their mouths] throughout the course of the year. While coyotes generally sta … read more

Coyote Management Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Dec 2019

It's that time of year when coyotes are on the move, and that could mean more sightings and encounters across the South and in the Chattanooga region.In recent weeks, members of an East Ridge neighbor … read more

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