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Pennsylvania Deer Disease On the Rise

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Oct 2019

Pennsylvania faces a pressing ecological threat that has nothing to do with birds, temperature or sprawling development.Chronic wasting disease is killing white-tailed and mule deer in 26 states and t … read more

Economic Impact of Chronic Wasting Disease

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Mar 2018

Chronic Wasting Disease is a fatal, neurological disease in cervid species (elk, deer) is spreading throughout the United States. This deer disease, also known as the "Zombie Deer Disease" is spread f … read more

CWD Effects On Hunters

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Feb 2018

Chronic Wasting Disease has been discovered in over 23 states. This incurable, fatal deer disease not only affects other deer herd members but also has devastating consequences on deer farms that may … read more

Chronic Wasting Disease Confirmed In Mississippi

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Feb 2018

ISSAQUENA COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A white-tailed deer collected on January 25, 2018, in Issaquena County has tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).The deer was a 4.5-year- … read more

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