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Do Deer Repellents Work?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Jan 2020

When looking at different methods for deer deterrence, a popular choice is to buy deer repellents; however, we are on the fence about them. Do they work for keeping deer away from gardens or don't the … read more

Deer Damage Persists In Winter

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Jan 2020

When we think of winter, we think about bare trees; lack of natural resources and dried out vegetable gardens; however, just because food is not growing as much in winter as in spring doesn't mean dee … read more

What Do Deer Eat In Winter?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Nov 2019

Like most mammals, white-tailed deer do less in the chilly winter months. They do not go into hibernation like bears; but they do become less active, dropping their metabolism in half. The less they m … read more

Deer Mating Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Oct 2019

It's a favorite time of the year for deer: mating season. Have you noticed the damage to trees? That is from bucks rubbing their antlers against tree bark in an attempt to remove the dried velvet. Thi … read more

Growing Hemp In Canada

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Aug 2019

In Canada, growing industrial hemp was legalized in 1998. Eighteen years later, producers still face many challenges. Farmers first have to get a license from the government to grow hemp. Then they ca … read more

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