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August Is National Peach Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Aug 2019

Peaches are one of America's favorite fruits to eat in summertime; and they are simple to grow; but how easy are these types of fruit trees easy to protect? Here are easy orchard management strat … read more

Strengthen Forest Health. Here's How.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Jul 2019

Hikers will be the first to state that part of the walking adventure is within the woods looking at the diverse types of trees in the forest. Each tree tells a story about age, tree type and health. F … read more

The Importance Of School Gardens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Mar 2019

School Gardening Programs are popping up all around the country; and it's no reason why. If we can start to develop gardening skills in children at a young age, then we will raise a new generation of … read more

Hungry Deer Heard In the Forest

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th Feb 2019

Hungry deer in the northeastern U. S. are likely changing the acoustics of their forests by eating up bushes, small trees and other leafy plants that normally would affect the transmission of natural … read more

New Year, Still a Deer Problem

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Jan 2019

Just because it's now 2019, doesn't mean that deer troubles are over. In fact, deer movement persists in the winter time as whitetails becoming even more desperate to find food. Throughout the fa … read more

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