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It's World Wildlife Conservation Day!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Dec 2018

December 4, 2018 marks World Wildlife Conservation Day; and the decline of over all wildlife is unreal. Let's take a look at the deer population for an example. The total U.S.deer population in 2 … read more

Deer Eating Habits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Nov 2018

Deer love to eat; farmers and gardeners would even suggest that they live to eat! How much do deer eat?The average deer eats 6-8 pounds of food each day from grassy and forest areas. They ca … read more

Gardening Tips For October

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Oct 2018

October is here; and you may be noticing changes in temperature and appearances outside. Because the weather is turning from hot to cold, it's important to take care of plants to ensure that they surv … read more

Prepare For Fall Gardening

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Sep 2018

Gardening in Fall is the last hurrah before the snow comes falling from the sky; and both gardeners and white-tailed deer feel the pressure to grow, and eat, this season. If gardeners play their cards … read more

August Is National Peach Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Aug 2018

National Peach Month is a time to explore one of our nation's favorite summer fruits. Although peaches are native to China, California produces 50 percent of America's peaches and grows over 175 varie … read more

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