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Why Build Deer Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Feb 2018

Deer Fencing, it's not only used to rid deer from gardens. There is more to it than just deer exclusion. Building deer fence also reduces the risk of ticks often carried by deer. Because Spring is the … read more

Can Cats Get Lyme Disease?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Feb 2018

Pet owners are often surprised that their pets are at risk of tick-borne illnesses spread by deer ticks. Lyme Disease isn't the only concern for pet owners - they also need to worry about Rocky Mounta … read more

Deer Herd Wandering In EastPort

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Dec 2017

Tess Ftorek of Eastport posted a video to her Facebook account last Tuesday that she thought would surely shock many of her Maine friends.In it, a herd of deer — perhaps 10 or 12 — meandered around on … read more

News About the Anaplasmosis Bacteria

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Nov 2017

At first, Jeffrey Diamond assumed that his chills, headache and shortness of breath were signs of another bout of bronchitis. But his headache and fever soon worsened and Diamond, 67, started to feel … read more

New Worry For Outdoor Enthusiasts: Dwarf Deer Ticks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Sep 2017

Connecticut researchers have identified what appears to be the first "dwarf deer tick" ever found in this state or anywhere else.But one top expert said scientists at the Connecticut Agricultural … read more

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