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It's National Puppy Day!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Mar 2018

Although there is much to discuss on National Puppy Day, we want to start the day off right. (See the pups?)National Puppy Day 2018 is a special day to celebrate the love, companionship and joy of pup … read more

Best Fence For Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Jan 2018

Take a moment to think about how stir crazy you get after being inside for eight hours. All you want to do is move around and stretch, right? Well, your dog is no different; and this is only one reaso … read more

Survey - Which Animal Is Ruining Your Garden?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Jan 2018

At first glance, white-tailed deer appear sweet and innocent; but in reality, they are the most destructive wildlife species in North America causing over 90 percent of agricultural damage.&n … read more

New Year, New Plan: For the Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Jan 2018

When making your New Years Resolution List, you may have taken note that your garden is in need of serious protection from deer damage. Year after year, you watch white-tailed deer destroy flowerbeds … read more

Why Build An Enclosed Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Nov 2017

Often when we talk to customers, we hear that white-tailed deer are not only a problem; but also birds, coyotes, rabbits, raccoons and groundhogs. Although Deerbusters Fence is strong enough to keep o … read more

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