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When To Use Electric Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Electric fence is a good type of yard fence for gardeners who wish to protect their flowerbeds from deer and other wildlife. 

For starters, the fence is the most affordable of all the fence types; and it is easy to set-up for beginning fence installers and homeowners.This type of fence can be used as a primary or secondary fence around more traditional deer fence. Not only can electric fencing be used for deer management, but it is the most effective means for bear deterrence and livestock security (chickens) on farms and pastures. 

Electric fence is a good choice for gardeners on a budget or those that wish to keep away deer, bears, wild hogs and other types of wild animals from their plants. 

Types of Electric Fence Wire

Electric Fence is a great option for livestock owners who are looking to secure cattle, chickens, horses and other livestock animals. There are many types of electric fence wire; and each serve a different purpose; so, it will depend on the animal(s) an owner is trying to fence in. Poly WirePolywire is the base grade of electric [...]

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Why Use Deer Electric Fence

Deer come back season after season and destroy flowerbeds. Well, enough is enough - no more fun and games. It's time to install electric fencing for deer management. Electric fencing uses strands of electric poly wire to zap a response to white-tailed deer and other wild animals. The zap does not affect wildlife long term; but [...]

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Using Electric Fence On Deer

I tried being gentle, calm, nice; but the deer just weren't getting the hint to leave my garden alone.I planned my landscape accordingly and applied deer repellents to my landscape. That wasn't enough. I planted thorny rose bushes and other deer-resistant plants as a protective deer barrier; but again, I failed to keep the deer [...]

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