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Must-Have Fence Parts and Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

While accessories will help strengthen a deer fence, some are admittedly more important to invest in than others. 

Take ground stakes, for example. Adding stakes every 5 feet along the bottom of a deer fence will help block deer and other animals from lifting up the fence and reaching gardens. Ground stakes are inexpensive and will help protect gardens from deer, rabbits and other burrowing creatures. The type of ground stake used in gardens depends on the soil. For rocky soils, it's best to choose a rebar stake; while smooth soils can use a kinked ground stake. 

Another great fence accessory is tension wire. Monofilament wire comes in 8 gauge and 12 gauge. It can be used at the top (recommended) and/or bottom of a fence to strengthen the fence and to resist sagging in the middle between posts. Tensioning wire is a must for areas with trees around a fence that may experience fallen tree limbs. 

A fence installer can never have too many zip ties; and a post driver can help fence installers manage installing posts easier than ever. There are many different fence tools and accessories for sale for deer fence installation. Do the research to find out what is needed immediately, and what can wait.

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