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How To Stake Down Deer Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Aug 2020

White-tailed deer are creatures of habit; and if they have approached home gardens once before, chances are they will come back again. The poor daytime eyesight on deer will halt them from jumping int … read more

How Do Deer Approach Fences?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Apr 2020

Deer are curious creatures; and when they approach fences, they will decide on the best way to reach flowerbeds and organic gardens. Here's what may happen. Typically, deer will walk the perimete … read more

Rabbit Breeding Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Feb 2020

With their floppy ears and cotton tails, we all seem to "ooh" and "aww" over bunnies; but rabbits are the second most complained about animal by gardeners when they find burrowing holes leading to the … read more

Block Digging Wildlife From Entering Gardens.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Feb 2020

Deer and other wildlife cause billions of agricultural damage each year. That's billions with a "B." While most gardeners have seen deer gracefully jump at extraordinary heights, deer actually try to … read more

Types of Ground Stakes

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Aug 2019

Ground protection is a must for garden protection against deer and other wildlife. When deer see a fence, they will first walk the perimeter to see if they can easily access the garden. Then, they wil … read more

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