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National Plant a Flower Day

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Mar 2018

Yesterday, March 12th, was National Plant a Flower Day; and while this was the kick-off to spring gardening, it taught us more about deer management. The flowers of the month are marigolds and da … read more

Community Gardens Need Fencing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Mar 2018

Spring kicks off the start of a new planting season; and for gardeners who may not have space to manage of a full-scale garden, getting involved in community gardening is just the way to plant, learn, … read more

Gardening Tools Needed For Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th Mar 2018

Spring is around the corner; and as gardeners prepare to plant spring flowers, it's time to plan which gardening supplies and tools to purchase. Consider the following gardening tools to buy now:A Gar … read more

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