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Why Use Plastic Deer Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

When thinking about plastic vs metal deer fencing, the answer to which type to buy may appear obvious at first, but the truth is there are several reasons why plastic fencing may be a better fit for gardeners. Let's examine.


While metal fencing is stronger than plastic fencing, it also comes with a price tag. Not every gardeners needs a heavy duty fence if they aren't dealing with lots of deer on properties; rabbits; coyotes; and other types of chewing animals. For home growers that only see light to moderate deer pressure on lawns, poly deer fence is appropriate. 

In our opinion, poly deer fencing is easier to install - it is lightweight and easy to manage for homeowners of all ages. The plastic fence is not only durable but long-lasting - living up to 20+ years in all weather environments. It can also be used to protect small dogs in yards - keeping domestic pets securely in and wildlife out.

Plastic deer fence is the way to go for homeowners looking for temporary or permanent deer management solutions in gardens and can be used around flower beds and other organic gardening areas. 

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