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What Do Rabbits Eat in the Winter?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Nov 2019

Deerbusters has explored what foods deer eat in winter; and we touched on what elk eat during cold months; but how about rabbits? Rabbits are the second most complained about animal eating g … read more

It's Baby Bunny Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Jun 2019

Is there anything cuter than a baby bunny? We think not; that is, until they are eating from home gardens. Rabbit mating season runs from March through September with baby bunnies appearing on la … read more

Is Plastic Fencing Good For Rabbit Control?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Apr 2019

Rabbits are the second most destructive wild animals in gardens after deer; and gardeners that have had enough of their garden destruction turn to fencing to control the situation. While there are man … read more

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