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How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th Mar 2018

Rabbits are curious critters that are known to chew on everything. This is because their teeth grow 3-5" inches per year; and they need a hard surface to trim down teeth. That is what they will tell y … read more

The Psychology Of Rabbits Chewing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Mar 2018

Rabbits seem to chew on everything - hard surfaces, grasses, hay; but nobody has ever wondered if there is a deeper reason for the scissor action ( known to happen by rabbits). Rabbits teeth are … read more

Easter Is Coming

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Mar 2018

Easter 2018 is only two weeks away; and that means that the Easter Bunny will be in town visiting families at their homes. Although the Easter Bunny himself looks sweet (and probably is), his fri … read more

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