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What Do Rabbits Eat in the Winter?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Nov 2019

Deerbusters has explored what foods deer eat in winter; and we touched on what elk eat during cold months; but how about rabbits? Rabbits are the second most complained about animal eating g … read more

The Easter Bunny Is Coming For Your Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Apr 2019

It's Good Friday; and that means that in 48 hours, the Easter Bunny will be hopping his way into gardens to score fresh vegetables from home gardens. Rabbits are the second most destructive garden cri … read more

When Do Rabbits Give Birth?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Feb 2019

Cottontail bunnies will soon be hopping around lawns and gardens. At the first sign of spring, rabbit breeding season begins and doesn't end until late summer. Future mother rabbits are usually p … read more

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