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Rabbit Barrier Fence Ideas

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Keeping out rabbits and other small critters from gardens may seem virtually impossible; but luckily, there are fences on the market that can block burrowing attempts.

For starters, having a hexagonal fence with PVC is a good choice for rabbit deterrence in gardens. The shape of Steel Hex Fencing, using 1" x 1" fence mesh, makes it difficult for animals to use their teeth to cut through the PVC into the steel core. The UV-resistant material is chew-resistant and lasts 20-30 years. 

Another good choice is a 19 gauge welded wire. Like the Steel Hex Web Fence, this type of metal fence is PVC-coated and contains 1" x 1" hole dimensions. The fence is square shaped instead of hexagonal; however, it is still a solid choice for rabbit defense.

Fence installers tip: Trench both types of rodent barrier fence into the ground 6-12" for best results. Best height? 2-3' feet high.

How To Rid Armadillos

Armadillos are mainly found in southern states, most notably in Texas; but have also been found in Nebraska and parts of Florida. Armadillos may look slow and innocent, but they can be destructive in gardens just like other types of wildlife. Although armadillos do not jump, they tunnel. Because burrowing is the issue, it is recommended [...]

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How To Repel Groundhogs

In honor of Punxsutawney Phil, and Groundhog Day, I think it's appropriate that we talk about how to repel groundhogs from gardens. Like rabbits and other small critters, ground hogs are destructive garden pests that use teeth scissor action to chew through fencing and eat flowers. What's worse, groundhogs dig and create underground trail systems [...]

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