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What Are Feral Cats?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Oct 2019

Feral cats are not like domestic cat breeds; and unfortunately, they are sometimes deemed as un-adoptable. Feral kitties are outside cats that were born and raised in the outdoors without a home. They … read more

June Is Adopt a Cat Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Jun 2019

Brought to you by American Humane, Adopt a Cat Month is a call to action in June to consider cat adoption from local animal shelters and cat rescues. June is when humane societies see an increase … read more

It's National Pet Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd May 2018

National Pet Month is declared in May to celebrate the joy that pets bring into our lives. Whether it's to share our joy, or in our pain, pets are always there for us when we need them most. Ther … read more

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