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My Child Ate a Tick...Help!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th May 2018

Children pick things up from the ground all the time especially bugs, worms and lizards. If a child puts a tick in his/her mouth, this could be concerning. If the tick has a tick disease then it … read more

Check Pets For Ticks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Apr 2018

As great of a season as Spring is, it's also a nerve wrecking time of the year. Deer movement heightens and deer eat everything. They visit lawns and gardens frequently in search of food; and they dro … read more

Why Build Deer Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Feb 2018

Deer Fencing, it's not only used to rid deer from gardens. There is more to it than just deer exclusion. Building deer fence also reduces the risk of ticks often carried by deer. Because Spring is the … read more

Deer Ticks Remain a Concern

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Jan 2018

Tick activity is at its highest in the warm months of the year beginning in March; and although we are still in January, the increasing temperature changes have put us on edge about ticks and tick-bor … read more

Wild Animals Carrying Tick Diseases

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Dec 2017

Humans, pets and even livestock animals can get a tick bite and be exposed to Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses; but where are the ticks coming from? Although we are quick to blame white-tai … read more

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