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Tick Bourbon Virus Claims a Life

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Jul 2017

Recently, Deerbusters discussed a rare tick disease called the Bourbon Virus that has made headlines in Missouri and New York. Little is known about the tick virus that was first discovered in 2014. T … read more

Tick-Borne Disease Kills 2-Year-Old Girl

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Jun 2017

(CNN) A 2-year-old Indianapolis girl died Sunday of what doctors suspect is Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a disease spread by ticks. Her aunt, Jordan Clapp, described how Kenley Ratliff's illness b … read more

Climate Change And the Rise of Lyme Disease

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th Jun 2017

By now, you probably heard the announcement from President Donald Trump that the United States is pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement (don't worry, it takes approximately four years to be offic … read more

Pennsylvania Leads 2017 Lyme Disease Cases

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Apr 2017

YORK, PA. -- Now that spring is here, more people may be exploring the outdoors.However, the warm winter may have brought out an unwanted visitor, the black-legged tick, which is also known as the dee … read more

Tick Season Brings These Six Diseases

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Mar 2017

By the end of March, we all just need the spring. We welcome the extra hours of daylight and milder temperatures with open arms. Unfortunately, ticks really love springtime weather too, and they’ve al … read more

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