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Animal To Blame For Carrying Ticks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

More often than not, we hear that white-tailed deer are the ones that carry ticks with Lyme Disease; but are there any other animals that carry ticks? 

While we are quick to place blame on the white-tailed deer for the tick epidemic, Bambi is not who is to blame for the spread of ticks. In fact, the white-footed mouse carries the bacterium that creates Lyme Disease. This mouse, in turn, passed on ticks to rodents and birds. Then, birds migrated throughout North America spreading ticks to deer, pets and humans. 

So, which animal is to blame for the spread of ticks? The white-footed mouse, deer or birds? You decide. 

Who First Spread Lyme Disease?

It's easy enough for us to point the finger at the white-tailed deer; but history shows that deer herds are not responsible for the spread of ticks and Lyme Disease. The white-footed mouse carries the Lyme Disease bacterium; and it is suggested that the mice spread this popular vector disease from ticks over to birds. Birds, being [...]

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