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WA Deer and Elk Unharmed By Wolves

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Dec 2017

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The growing population of wolves in eastern Washington state does not appear to be hurting the populations of deer, elk and other ungulates.A report issued this week by the state … read more

Wolf Awareness Week

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Oct 2017

The Timber Wolf Alliance announces Wolf Awareness Week, running from October 15-21, 2017 to educate people about the wolf population in and around Michigan and Wisconsin. Biologists believe that … read more

Keep Out Deer: Use Predator Urine in the Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Feb 2017

In the wild, the relationship between predator and prey is common and allows animals to mark their territory. Gardeners who use predator pee are saving their organic gardens from wildlife. With predat … read more

Types of Deers

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Jun 2016

Earlier this year, we jotted down a few whitetail deer facts in the Deerbusters Blog that you may not have known. Here at Deerbusters, we want to help you save your crops from deer and other nosy pes … read more

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