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Do Deer Eat Weed?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Jun 2019

Let's be honest, deer will eat anything; but the foods deer like best are sweet tasting plants like corn, soybeans, berries and veggies. But, how about cannabis plants for growing marijuana?

Marijuana plants omit a pungent odor and are bitter tasting; but for white-tailed deer, they will try to eat as much as they can in the summertime when the plants are thriving. After all, beggers can't be choosers; and when deer have the munchies, they will eat anything! When the plants are small, deer will enjoy them more since they are sweet to taste. As the plants mature into the harvest season, they will become less inviting to deer herds.

The problem is that deer can get "high" off the plants, like people; and they will pass out next to the crops. In the 2014 news clip, Oregon cannabis grower, Richard Davis, discussed his encounter with a deer on his marijuana farm. 

Outdoor cannabis growers are encouraged to keep out deer from marijuana farms with deer fencing during all stages of the growing season.

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