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Legalizing Cannabis Federally

8th Jul 2021

The legalization of marijuana is on the rise. Most U.S. states will have their own “do’s and don’ts” on the matter, but most of them follow the same guidelines. As of now, there are about 15 states (and Washington D.C.) that allow the cultivation of cannabis. People are beginning to catch onto the benefits of growing their own.

With this is mind, people will need to consider the steps it takes to grow successfully. One thing that DeerBuster offers is trellis netting. What does trellis netting do?

“Trellising creates an even plant canopy by gently bending the stalks and providing structure to grow them sideways instead of vertically. The main purpose of trellising is to mimic the even footprint of available light outdoors by bringing all of the branch’s top nodes to nearly the same distance from the light source.”
Depending on the technique used, some growers may even use trellis during the cannabis drying process. Trellis is used because of its cost-efficiency and lightweight demeanor. Check it out!


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