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Supporting Climbing Plant Growth

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Jul 2020

Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and pumpkins are just some of the many types of "climbing" plants that can be grown in home gardens. These plants grow upwards and require trellis netting or another method to support growth. Here is what growers should know about using trellis netting courtesy of

Trellis nets are used in several growing applications such as for vertical plants; flowers; and hydroponic systems including cannabis and hemp. Trellis netting is a high visibility net (white color) proven to increase productivity of plants while providing the necessary support for proper growing.

The netting can be installed vertically or horizontally. When installed vertically, the netting directs the growth path of the plants, keeping the straight. Installing the trellis netting horizontally allows plants to grow on an even level through the holes in the netting and use the strands for support, receiving direct sunlight throughout the daytime (required for cannabis buds among other types of plants). This method maximizes the productivity of the plant and increases growing yields.

Trellis netting will last up to five years outside in all types of weather elements. Vegetable gardeners can use trellis netting in addition to deer fencing to secure their growing sites from deer browsing should they choose to do so.

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