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Trellis Netting Just Released On

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Hortonova trellis nets are most commonly used to help climbing plants mature and can be used to grow a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, pumpkin, cucumbers and beans. It is also a common growing method when planting marijuana.

The trellising can be used vertically and horizontally, based on the type of plants that are being grown in the garden.

Installing the UV-stabilized hortonova trellis netting horizontally allows plants to grow on an even level through the holes in the netting and use the strands for support, receiving direct sunlight throughout the daytime (required for cannabis buds among other types of plants). Additionally, this method maximizes the productivity of the plant and increases growing yields.

Hortonova is available for sale on in a variety of sizes. Shop trellis netting on Deerbusters!