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  • Gopher Scram 3.5 lbs

Gopher Scram 3.5 lbs

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      Product Description

      Repel gophers from gardens with Gopher Scram. This 3.5 lb shaker container of gopher granular repellent is made from a blend of Castor and other natural oils that is easy to use and effective against these destructive critters. Like other vegetable oils, Castor Oil is unpleasant in both taste and smell for a gopher; and they will burrow elsewhere once the smell hits them. Water or rainfall activates the granular repellent once sprinkled onto the ground. Once applied, the oils will draw into soil, root systems and tunnels to stop future gophers from entering onto landscapes. This 3.5 lb gopher repellent protects up to 2100 square feet of land.

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      Other Details

      Active Ingredients:
      Castor and other natural oils
      Sprinkle and add water
      2100 square feet
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