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Dog owners should invest in an outdoor pet fence for a number of reasons. For starters, new pet owners and dog trainers will appreciate having an outdoor enclosure for training purposes. Dogs need a chance to stretch their legs and play with other animals; and with fencing from Deerbusters, dogs of all ages can do both from the convenience of their home. Lastly, a dog fence provides a secure area for exercise, which is increasingly important as dogs age. Dogs that do not get the recommended 30 minutes of daily movement risk health complications including obesity, arthritis and weak joints. Fencing your yard is a sure-fire way to get them the physical activity they need to stay strong and healthy. (See more tips for responsible dog ownership.)

While these fences may not be appropriate for all dogs, they are a great alternative for pet owners whose pets will respect a visual barrier. 

steel-hex-dog-with-gate.jpgChoosing the right dog enclosure is important to improve animal health and wellness. Chain Link Fences will corrode over time and may hurt a dog's teeth. In-ground wireless dog fences and shock collars are the most inhumane options by hurting the dog physically and psychologically. This is why a humane dog fence - made out of plastic or PVC-coated metal - is the best way to protect dogs while playing outside.

Dog fence kits come with all fence materials needed to install an outdoor dog fence enclosure. A dog fence kit is ideal for anyone who wants to begin a DIY fence project, especially a new pet owner. Simply choose the type of fencing you want to get started. For small, calm dogs that will not jump on the fence, suggests a poly dog fence kit. For something a bit more durable and chew-resistant, consider a steel hex web or welded wire dog fence kit. Deerbusters fencing for dogs provide your pup with years of entertainment, exercise and socialization!

Find the best fence for dogs with help from (Note: Deerbusters does not carry wireless dog fence.)