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How to stop deer and grizzly bears from eating crops and destroying bee hives? Electric fencing.

ef2.jpgOur baited deer electric fence will not harm wildlife long-term; but will zap them with a quick electric jolt that will deter them from browsing home gardens much further. Not only are deer electric fences used for deer control, but this type of agriculture fence is the number one solution for bear management. Other types of landscape fence simply cannot stop the strength of a black or brown bear.

Deer and bear movement peak in spring and summer, as both animals frequent yards in search of food. While deer are likely to visit vegetable gardens and flowerbeds, bears will want the sweet taste of all-natural honey in addition to fruits, nuts and berries. Because bee pollination is vital for the well-being of up to 90 percent of the world's crops, bee keepers are encouraged to protect bee hives from bears, raccoons and skunks with electric fencing. Gardeners planting pollinating flowers will also need deer fencing in order to protect the bees.

Here's how an electric deer fence works 

An electric fence converts battery or solar power into high voltage pulses. The electric fence energizer than transfers the pulse to a fence insulator that will give the deer the 'shock.' This usually transfers a response in less than 3 seconds. When the wild animal, be it deer or rodent, makes contact with the fence, the animal will quickly pull away from the fence. The animal will not bounce off of the fence or make a dramatic exit. 

Electric fence for bear and white-tails comes in various heights and lengths to accommodate the needs of each unique homeowner. For the deer that can't get the hint, browse our garden electric fence kits today.

See how to install electric baited deer fence with these electric fence installation instructions