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Deer Fence Access Gate Frame Assembly Instructions


For printable version of instructions with images download the following PDF.


Access Gate Frame Assembly


N) 1 5/8 in x 9ft. Side Pole – 2
O) 1 5/8 in Top Spreader Pole – 1
P) 1 5/8 in Heavy Duty Corner Elbow -2
Q) Elbow Bolt, Nut, & Washer Set – 8
R) Ground Sleeves- 2

Step 1: Begin by assembling the top of the gate frame. Starting with the spreader bar (part O), slide the 2 corner brackets (part P) onto the ends of the top spreader bar. Make sure the brackets are flush with the end of the bar. Lay on a flat surface and using a 5/16” drill bit, drill 2 holes on either side of the spreader bar using the holes in the corner bracket as a guide. Attach the corner brackets to the top spreader bar using the 2 bolts with washers and nuts. Do not fully tighten.

Step 2: Decide where on the fence line you want your access gate and lay spreader bar (part O) there. Mark the placement for the two 9’ posts (part N) accordingly.

Step 3: Drive your ground sleeves in where you have marked for the 9 ft posts (part N)

Step 4: Finish assembling the access gate frame by attaching the 9 ft. posts (part N) to the spreader bar (part O). Drill holes with the 5/16ths bit in the posts according to the holes in the corner bracket, and then attach the posts to the bar with the provided washers, nuts, and bolts. Tighten all 8 bolts.

Step 5: Stand assembled gate frame upright and place in the ground sleeves.

Step 6: Hang Gate. (Refer to gate assembly instructions.)