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8' x 330' Extra Strength Deer Fence

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    Product Description


    deerprintbulletpoint.jpg Virtually Invisible

    deerprintbulletpoint.jpg Easy To Install

    deerprintbulletpoint.jpg No Maintenance

    deerprintbulletpoint.jpg 15 Year Life Span


            deerprintbulletpoint.jpg Superior Strength;ASTM Lab Certified Breaking Load Of 700-750 lbs.

            deerprintbulletpoint.jpg 2" x 2" Mesh Size;Less Visible Than Smaller Meshes

            deerprintbulletpoint.jpg Made In The U.S.A

            deerprintbulletpoint.jpg Use Around Vegetable Gardens, Flower Gardens, Orchards,

                          Vineyards, Anywhere Deer Pressure Is A Problem!



    Roll Dimensions- 8’H x 330’L

    Weight Of Roll-62lbs

    ASTM Lab Tested & Certified @ 700-750 lb Breaking Load

    Mesh Size-2” x 2”

    Life Expectancy-15 years

    Carbon Black Polypropylene Plastic Deer Fencing


    What Makes DeerBusters Deer Fence Better? 

    Unlike most other deer fences and deer netting available, our extruded deer fence product is proudly manufactured here in the U.S.A. Don't settle for the punched deer fencing sold by de1183squote.jpgother retailers and manufactured overseas. This fencing is not nearly as strong or durable as a DeerBusters deer fence.

    There are other types of deer control fencing on the market claiming to be strong enough to keep out deer. Some of these products are folded and can be used to deter deer temporarily, but will not stop deer consistently. Be sure to choose a UV stabilized deer fence with a breaking load of at least 600 lbs/ sq. ft. 

    When comparing products which seem similar, look first to the breaking strength of the fence. This is your best indicator of quality and longevity for your deer fence. Another good way to determine the strength of a deer fence is to check the weight. The lighter the fencing, the weaker the material. DeerBusters deer fencing is available in breaking strengths far superior to the most commonly sold deer fence material readily available on the market today. DeerBusters has been the leading supplier of deer fence material for over 20 years.

    Remember, when you are buying a deer fence, there is only one brand name which tells you exactly what you are getting, DeerBusters.


    Benefits of Deerbusters  Extra Strength Deer Fencing:

    DeerBusters Extra Strength Perimeter Deer Fence was designed in response to a need for heavier deer netting to protect larger areas from moderate deer pressure Ideal for installations over a few hundred feet, this versatile strength fencing can be used for everything from backyard gardens, property enclosures, and even commercial applications such as orchards, vineyards, and nurseries.

    Our deer fence is made from carbon black UV protected polypropylene plastic to allow for superior strength and durability in any condition. Made from the finest virgin raw poly materials, our deer fencing is corrosion proof and recyclable. Get maximum flexibility, strength, and durability from a Deerbusters deer fence. The Extra Strength deer fence is designed for medium areas of a few hundred feet or for use on properties with moderate deer pressure. If you have heavy deer pressure, you should consider using the Maximum Strength deer fencing instead.

    Easy To Install-Our Deer fence material is very easy to install and maintain. Protect a garden in area in just a few hours. Our heavy duty line posts have a unique sleeve system which makes it simple and safe to install your deer fence line posts right the first time without constant measuring, climbing on ladders, or even digging post holes!

    Virtually Invisible- Deer fencing is designed to protect your garden and valuable landscape from deer, the last thing we want our DeerBusters deer fence to do is spoil this view. Our deer fence uses a combination of black color and 2" x 2" mesh size to allow the fencing to almost disappear when installed on your property.

    Common Uses For Standard Deer Fence: vegetable gardens, raised beds, properties moderate deer pressure, areas with established deer feeding trails, ornamental gardens, property enclosures



    Watch our installation video



    Recommended Accessories For 8' Deer Fence:

            Deer Fence Line Post; Heavy Duty Removable 7 pkFence Line Posts. Placed every 15'.

            Access GatesAllows easy entry into your garden or property 

            Self Locking TiesRequired to fasten your deer fencing to line posts

            Chew Proof Rodent Control Fencing-Prevents rodent chew holes in the deer fence.

            Monofilament wire-Provide support at the top and bottom of the deer fence

            Ground Stakes-Stake down the fence to keep deer from pushing up and under.

            8' Tall Corner System 2pk-Used when you need to change directions on your deer fence

            8' Tall End System 2pkUsed to terminate your deer fence at buildings

            Monofilament wire-Provide support at the top and bottom of the deer fence

            Ground Stakes-Stake down the fence to keep deer from pushing up and under.


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