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In addition to keeping your dog healthy, dog fences protect puppies and dogs from encounters with wildlife, such as deer.

White-tailed deer are the favored carriers of  tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease in North America; and it is possible that your domestic breed can contract Lyme if a tick is found on the lawn where a deer was last seen. For this reason and more, Deerbusters encourages pet owners to install a dog fence in the backyard. (See Deerbusters pet wellness tips for National Pet Month.)

Dog fence kits come with everything to install an outdoor dog fence enclosure in the backyard. Dog enclosure kits are ideal for anyone who wants to begin a DIY fence project, especially new pet owners. Simply choose the type of fencing you want for your dog to get started. For pet owners with small, calm dogs that will not jump on the fence, suggests a poly dog fence kit. For dogs that may challenge the strength of the fence, or for pups who like to dig and chew, consider a steel hex dog fence kit. These are virtually invisible fences that will provide your pup with years of entertainment, socialization with dogs and exercise!

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