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How to Protect Your Farm



For generations, farm owners have proudly worked hard on their family farms to protect their investments in the land. Sustainable farming allows growers to plant and eat fresh, organic produce that can be kept for their own consumption or sold to local and national regions across the United States. Working on the farm gives sustainable agriculture to the community and creates a better world.

Family farmers have many reasons for protecting landscapes. The first being that farmers are proud to be farmers. There may be a long family history of working on the land that they wish to honor their social and cultural heritage. Farmers also want to support the next generation of farmers with the best farming practices, environmental stewardship and better technology than their ancestors.

At this point, you may be asking yourself 'How can I protect my land?' Protecting land does not happen overnight and requires a commitment from farm owners - present and future. Working with farm advisors (accountants, lawyers, financial planners) guarantee that the farm will stay protected if wildlife damage or agriculture damage occurs. Land Management is necessary for both small-scale farms and large acres and options include:

  • Fencing

  • Bird Netting and Garden Nets

  • Deer Repellents

  • Scare Decoys

Installing a deer fence around properties is the most reliable method to protect farmland. Deerbusters suggests that farmers install a 7.5' tall deer fence because white-tailed deer will not attempt a jump over 7' feet high unless they are being chased by a wildlife predator such as a coyote or wolf. Once the animal sees the deer fencing, complete with warning banners, the deer will walk along the fence line to determine where to get inside to perform crop damage. (Bambi is hungry, after all.) Now, the deer may attempt to dig underneath the fence, or chew-through the fence. This is why a Poly Deer Fence With a Rodent Barrier or metal deer fencing is ideal for Ag protection.

For individuals who may have fruit gardens or vineyards, bird nets can be draped over fruit bushes to protect berries. Bird Netting is a great bird control method of protecting fruits and fruit trees on farms. Garden netting, with its loose mesh, can also stop deer and small rodents from feasting on the fruit.

Applying a deer repellent near the perimeter of your deer fence will reinforce deer management in the farm. Deerbusters deer repellents are made from all-natural ingredients including garlic, lavender, mint - all which deer hate to smell or taste! If deer aren't a major problem in the garden, other rodent repellents may be used.

Bird scare products will make birds think twice about flocking over to your fruit trees. These bird control methods, along with bird netting, should keep birds away for good and may stop deer from rummaging through farms and gardens. 

The winning combination of fencing, repellents and accessories will allow farmers to continue to grow all-natural products for the community to enjoy. And, it all starts with