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July is National Parks and Recreation Month


America is engulfed in national parks and recreational areas that are full of beautiful views; majestic wildlife and rich history. Since 1985, Americans have celebrated National Parks and Rec Month in July with the National Recreation and Park Association in order to recognize the importance of protecting our national parks and the wild animals that live in them. 

The National Park System comprises 418 national park sites; however only 61 of them have the "National Park" title in their name. The most popular parks and recreational areas in the United States, including Grand Canyon National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park, bring in over 330 million visits each year from domestic residents and tourists. 

Why Visit National Parks?

There are many reasons to visit national parks across the country. For one, they are convenient. National Parks are all over the country - except in Delaware (sorry!). In a short drive, they can provide families with hours of affordable entertainment complete with amenities including camp sites/cabins, lakes/swimming holes; walking paths and top fishing spots.

National Parks are great for health and physical fitness. A few miles along hiking trails will lead couples and families with small children asking questions about nature and how national parks were made. Currently, there are over 76000 ancient archaeological sites and 2500 historic landmarks around the country to explore that are saturated in history and science. 

Park Conservation Is Needed

The National Park Service has spent decades to conserve national parks and protect biodiversity including endangered species such as grey wolves; panthers; woodland caribou; and various fish. When visitors do not pick up trash, we not only litter the Earth; but we harm wild animals.

During the January 2019 partial government shutdown, national parks suffered damage from human waste and vandalization that may take centuries to repair. Death Valley National Park saw an increase in park damage due to tire marks from off-road vehicles. Yosemite and Yellowstone saw an overabundance of trash due to lack of staff help to clean up the parks. And, over all, National Park Service lost over $400,000 per day in entrance fee sales.

mountains-3771998-1920.jpgHow To Get Involved

The damage to parks can set back park development for a century. Therefore, Deerbusters is joining parks staff in urging others to do the following to protect landscapes:

  • Recycle and compost
  • Reuse water bottles
  • Reuse bags

This July, during National Parks and Rec Month, make it a goal to visit at least one national park in your area and do your part to conserve landscapes. 

Parks and Rec installers and professionals will receive a discount on deer fence supplies from during the month of July for National Park and Recreation Month. Call to learn more: 888-422-3337.