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What To Grow In Winter



Gardeners - The snow can be intimidating; but don't give up on growing organically! Some vegetable crops can handle hard frosts and chilly weather. Here is what you can grow this winter season. 

Onions Begin growing onions in the Autumn. Onions have a long growing season and will still be in the ground when the spring gardening season begins. Although it takes some time before eating onions, this is an easy vegetable to plant in the cooler months.

Garlic Such a delicious plant to use in Italian dishes. As it's an onion species, garlic also has a long growing season. Although harvest time is in the summer, growing garlic is well worth the wait. Garlic plants can handle snow and months of cold temperature.

Spinach A great cool weather crop to use as a base in salads. Spinach yields high amounts of leafy greens and can be planted alongside parsley and arugula. Like other winter season crops, start sowing in the fall season to harvest throughout the warm, summer months. (Grower's Tip: Use blankets or cloth cover to keep the spinach warm.)

Carrots Start growing carrots in November; and enjoy them early in the spring. Carrots can begin growing in a greenhouse in the fall and back outside in the summer months when the ground warms up.

Asparagus Growing asparagus is a labor of love. Although it will take several years to harvest home-grown asparagus, this cool weather crop will produce crops for over 25 years, if cared for. 

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