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Warning Banner White 1" x 24" - 50 pk

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Deer have horrible vision - 20/100! They have a 360 degree view horizontally, but they cannot gauge what is directly in front of them, or over their heads after 7' feet high. If gardeners don't let deer know that a fence enclosure is ahead, deer may run right into it (especially if they are being chased by a predatory animal like a coyote or wolf).

Because deer vision is so poor, Deerbusters recommends adding white warning banners to the deer fence to let white-tailed deer know that a structure is near. Whitetails have trouble seeing the black color of the fence mesh; but they can easily detect the white color on the deer warning banners. We recommend that you tie one white warning banner on the fence for every 10 feet at a height of 4 feet. Avoid adding warning banners to the top of the fence -this allows the deer to gauge how high they need to jump to get to your garden.

Deer warning banners come 50 to a pack, at 1 inch x 24 inches.


1 inch x 24 inches
Every 10 feet at a height of 4 feet
Used For:
Warning deer of the fence structure
50 strips

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