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Installation Instructions

If you need to know how to assemble deer fence, you're asking the right wildlife specialists. 

Because DeerBusters prides itself on convenience, we want to help make your DIY project run as smoothly as possible - and we understand that the thought of installing your own fence may be intimidating at first. This is why DeerBusters is giving you step-by-step deer fence installation instructions to complete the garden fence installation without help from professional installers. We encourage everyone to download fence installation instructions from and watch the fence install video before beginning deer fence construction; and contact us at 888-422-3337 with any questions - we are here to be your fence installation guide!

In addition to the resources below, read these fence install tips from DeerBusters. If you need help determining your Linear footage, use this Deer Fence Measuring Tool.



DeerBusters Explains - Deer-Proof Yards and Gardens


Fence Installation Instructions From Deerbusters.comDownload. Print. Do it yourself!

 10-27-hd-posts-93350.1448299515.1280.1280.jpg Deer Fence Post Installation

Heavy Duty Corner Installation

1 5/8" Sleeved Corner Installation

Fixed Knot Corner Installation


Deer Fence End Installation

1 5/8" Sleeved End Installation

Fixed Knot End Installation


Tension Wire Installation

Tension Kit Video


Deer Fence Access Gate Installation 6' and 7' 

Deer Fence Access Gate Installation for 6'-8' with sleeves

 deerbusterscom-2183-4028464-52751.1326922272.1280.1280.gif Deer Fence Driveway Gate Installation
 driveway-gate-image-95150.1507313090.1280.1280-66149.1507315006.1280.1280.jpg Deer Fence Dual Leaf Driveway Gate Installation

Garden Enclosure: 7.5' x 15'

Garden Enclosure: 7.5' x 30' 

Garden Enclosure: 15' x 15' 

Garden Enclosure: 15' x 30'

Garden Enclosure: 30' x 30'

 Dog park set up under an overpass.

Above Ground Dog Park: 18' x 18'

 deer-crossing-guard-43652.1327428598.1280.1280.jpg Deer/Cattle Crossing Guards
fence-extension-kit-002-.jpg Fence Extenders
extend.jpg Cat Fence Conversion Kit

Kitty Corral Cat Fence

Kitty Corral Cat Fence Corners

Kitty Corral Cat Fence Ends

cat-gate.jpg Kitty Corral Gate

Dog Fence Access Gate

Dog Fence Driveway Gate

Dog Fence Dual Driveway Gate

Dog Fence Heavy Duty End

Dog Fence Heavy Duty Corner

 electric.jpg Electric Baited Deer Fence
poultry-netting.jpg Electric Poultry Netting

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