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Dog fence rolls create a basic outdoor dog enclosure for any dog breed. Deerbusters easy to install dog yard fence guarantees that dogs will not interface with wildlife that may attempt to harm the pet.

Deerbusters bestselling dog fence rolls are made from a tough polypropylene fence material that will protect both dogs and landscape. These poly dog fence rolls for sale are ideal for small, calm dogs and pups who will not jump or challenge the dog enclosure. This type of DIY fence will not corrode or splinter like traditional puppy fences and are UV-stabilized for increased longevity in all weather patterns.

For large, high energy dogs that like to chew and dig, Deerbusters offers PVC-coated metal dog fences in a steel hex web mesh as well as in a welded wire. These dog enclosures are built to last up to 20-30 years - even after chewing!

Please note: Deerbusters does not carry wireless dog fence, electric dog fence, invisible fence for dogs or shock collars.