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Installing Your Deer Fence in Six Easy Steps


Installing our deer fence is simple—follow these six easy steps to begin protecting your home and garden from intruders with DeerBusters deer fence:

Step 1:  Determining Location

Using your monofilament wire as a guide along the ground, decide where the perimeter of your deer fence will be. Lay your posts out on the ground along the line so that you’ll know where you’d like to place them. Place one post every 15 feet if using heavy round posts, and one post every 12 feet if using angle steel posts. In addition, determine where on the fence line you’ll be placing corners, ends, and gates.


Step 2:  Erecting Posts

First, install any corner and end systems before line posts.  Follow the directions included in your corner and end system kits  to install heavy corner and end posts and the included brace posts. 

Install your line posts where you’ve laid them on your fence line.  If using round posts, drive your ground sleeves into the ground using a sledge hammer and drive cap.  When the ground sleeve is buried, simply slide the post into the ground sleeve.  If using angle steel posts, you will need to drive the post directly into the ground using a post driver. 

As you are installing line posts, you will also want to install any access or driveway gates in the desired locations. 

Step 3:  Adding Tension

Beginning with one corner or end post, attach the monofilament using a connector clip or monofilament sleeve.  Run a line of monofilament around the top of the fence line, cutting and attaching the monofilament to each corner or end.  Tighten the monofilament line between corner or end posts using Gripples or round tighteners, and repeat the process to install a second line of monofilament at the bottom of the fence.

Step 4:  Attaching Fence

Attach the edge of the fence to a corner or end post using self-locking ties, and unroll the fence against the outside of the posts.  Attach the fence to each post with self-locking ties, and be sure that you are keeping the fence as close to the ground as possible. 


Step 5:  Secure With Stakes

Position the stakes on the ground such that the hook will catch the bottom edge of the fence as it is driven into the ground. Drive the stake into the ground until it is completely buried in the ground.  Place one ground stake every 5 feet.

Step 6:  Adding Flags

Tie one white warning banner on the fence at about waist height every 10 feet.

Looking for more detail?  Check out our deer fence instructions and installation video.