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Lyme disease is a very dangerous tick-borne illness that can turn life threatening just from a simple tick bite. Ticks like to hide in grassy areas, shrubs, and trees in the spring and summer months and will feed by latching-on to humans, pets and livestock for their next 'blood meal.'


In 2015, the CDC reported 95% of confirmed (and probable) Lyme Disease cases in 14 U.S. states, particularly in the upper Midwest and Northeast region. This totals about 37,000 confirmed cases in 2015 up from only 11,000 cases in 2001. Are you living in these tick states?

White-tailed deer are the favored hosts of ticks in North America; but wild mice such as the White-Footed Mouse, carry the bacterium that produces Lyme, making rodents an issue. For this reason, Deerbusters suggest carrying tick removal tools in the instance where you need to act quickly but cautiously.

With over 899 tick species crawling throughout the world, it's difficult not to be alarmed by the tick epidemic in the United States. Our tick tweezers and other tick remover products for sale on are recommended for hikers, campers, gardeners and anyone who loves being outdoors. These easy to use tick control products for sale can fit inside a purse, pocket or on a key chain.