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What Deer Eat In Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Winter was hard times for deer as natural resources were scarce; but now that spring is around the corner, whitetails know that they will soon have a buffet of options. 

In the spring, flowers and other types of garden plants are abundant; and Bambi and friends will test-taste everything they can reach. During this season, white-tailed deer will eat grass, vegetables grown in the yard by home gardeners (Vegetables that deer seem to prefer include beans, lettuce, cabbage, and cole crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts) as well as fruits. Eating well is especially important to lady does in spring as they make way for fawns to be delivered in March and April. Doe will need to produce enough milk to feed their young while staying healthy. 

Spring and summer are both hot seasons for deer movements in gardens; and home growers are advised to implement deer management strategies early on in the season to re-route their movement away from homegrown plants. 

Plants Frost Protection Plan

When the weather begins to dip below freezing, and gardeners notice frost on plants, it's time to look into ways to protect plants from freeze. Some tender plants that cannot tolerate the harsh cool temperatures will require extra care. Some of these plants include: geraniums, tomatoes, begonias, impatiens and peppers. If bringing plants indoors is not [...]

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Fall Gardening: Prepare For Deer Damage

Now that Autumn is officially here, gardeners have several gardening tasks to get them through the next growing season; and with changing seasons comes challenges. Gardeners across the country will continue to see wildlife on properties and will need to act quickly to resolve the issue. September is Preparedness Month; and it's time for gardeners [...]

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Protect Christmas Tree Farms From Deer Damage

In a recent poll, Americans announced that Christmas was in fact their favorite holiday; and what they love most about the holiday has nothing to do with presents; but with evergreen trees that symbolize Christmas Day. To protect America's favorite trees, Christmas tree farmers need to implement deer management strategies to keep Rudolph and the [...]

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Why Homeowners Will See Deer Herds In Summer

Deer mating season, known as the rut, occurs in October through January. By May and June, doe have given birth to at least one to three fawns. While fawns are adorable, with their bright white spots, this is bad news for gardeners.Baby deer are led by their mothers for the first year of life; and [...]

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The Health Benefits Of Honey

Tea with honey in it is what we turn to when we have the common cold or a sore throat; but there are other health benefits of honey that will make honey a regular part of your balanced diet. Honey strengthens the immune system and regulates blood sugar. Best of all, honey can prevent cancer and [...]

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Survey Shows Abundance of Deer Food

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont Fish & Wildlife officials say important fall foods for wildlife were abundant this year.In a survey, staff looked at 27 areas around the state in late September and early October. They found that beechnut counts were the highest since 1998. Acorn production was also found to be good in oak stands. [...]

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How Do Deer Avoid Hunters?

The Fall and Winter seasons are hard times for a deer. Humans are hungry; and they have a hankering for deer meat This is the time to get it.Bucks begin following does this time of year as the does reach reproductive ages and give birth. Once the doe gives birth to a fawn, the buck [...]

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Deer Diet In Fall

Deer food is everywhere in the summertime; and as a farmer or gardener, you may have noticed that your fruit garden took a hit, thanks to deer activity. Nonetheless, deer were able to find enough nuts, twigs and leaves to get them through the hot, summer. But, now that the fall season is here, whitetails [...]

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Airport Deer Management Techniques

Throughout the summer, and into Labor Day, is when travelers frequent the airport most often to visit family and friends; or to simply escape. Because we are in a high travel season, it's time for airport commissioners and animal control departments to take into account the safety of airport passengers on-and-off the plane. Although national [...]

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