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Fall Deer Habits

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During the autumn months, deer tend to move around more frequently. This is because fall is rutting season for bucks. Rutting season is when a mature buck will travel large quantities a day in search of a mate.

In the time leading up to the rut, deer tend to increase their food consumption, so they have enough fat stored for their mating journey. That means that your plants and gardens may be in trouble. Deer are not very picky creatures. Their diet will vary greatly depending on what is immediately available to them. If one of these curious creatures happens to stumble across your backyard garden, your yield may become smaller.

The rut itself tends to subdue a buck's appetite because they spend most of their energy searching for a doe. Since they do not eat as much, they are traveling more frequently. This spells danger to gardens that would not typically have a deer problem. The rut causes deer to stray farther from their typical feeding grounds and stop at food sources along their path.

Having a deer fence around your garden not only protects against the destruction of deer but also smaller animals such as rabbits, groundhogs and raccoons.

How to Identify a Tick Bite

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Dried Velvet On Deer Antlers

Bucks may look differently than they did a few weeks ago; and if you're looking, you're probably noticing the deer's dried velvet antlers in particular.By the end of summer, bucks will develop dried velvet on antlers that is unsightly and heavy - hurting their neck muscles. Male deer will want to remove the dried velvet [...]

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Bear Season: Wildlife Management Concerns

Bear activity is picking up as it does every August - and these animals don't just stick around camp sites. Ike Bendavid spoke with Forrest Hammond, the black bear project leader for Vermont Fish and Wildlife, and Adam Miller, the wildlife management program manager for Vermont Fish and Wildlife, about why they say bear season is [...]

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Do Deer Eat Weed? Cannabis Talk

Deer are creatures of habit; and when they want to eat, they will continue to return to the same home-grown spots where they know they can indulge on plants. In the spring and summer months when food is abundant, deer will tend to visit home gardens for flowers, fruits and vegetables but not so much [...]

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More Deer Equals More Ticks

Ticks are a year-round problem and affect over 300,000 Americans each year. Tick activity is at its peak during the warm months of the year and does not slow down until late fall. While many wildlife animals can get infected by a tick bite, one wild animal is to blame for the spread of ticks [...]

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Keep Birds Out Of Gardens

August begins bird migration season as birds across the United States and Canada flock gather in groups to flock south for warmer climates and better food sources. During this month, into fall, gardeners will notice an influx of birds on properties and damage to fruit bushes; shrubs; and vegetable gardens. To protect organic gardens from [...]

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CO Wildlife Urges "Don't Feed Wildlife"

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How To Stake Down Deer Fence

White-tailed deer are creatures of habit; and if they have approached home gardens once before, chances are they will come back again. The poor daytime eyesight on deer will halt them from jumping into growing first. Before a jumping attempt is made, they will try to find easier access by sneaking underneath fences. If [...]

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