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Easter Is Coming

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Easter 2018 is only two weeks away; and that means that the Easter Bunny will be in town visiting families at their homes. 

Although the Easter Bunny himself looks sweet (and probably is), his friends are not as innocent; and they are ready to chew on gardens. Homeowners wishing to protect carrots and other vegetables in their vegetable gardens need to build rabbit proof fence. 

Rabbits process food by cutting through food with 'scissor action.' This is why growers need a strong metal rodent fence to prevent rabbits from chewing through the other side of a fence. Rodent barrier fences are made from PVC-coating to handle chew marks and can stop rabbits and other small critters from devouring gardens.

Who First Spread Lyme Disease?

It's easy enough for us to point the finger at the white-tailed deer; but history shows that deer herds are not responsible for the spread of ticks and Lyme Disease. The white-footed mouse carries the Lyme Disease bacterium; and it is suggested that the mice spread this popular vector disease from ticks over to birds. Birds, being [...]

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Grow Spinach In March. Here's How.

Spinach has a variety of uses and should be one of the first vegetables to start growing in spring. Growing spinach is easy but requires maintenance just like other types of greens that can be grown in March such as kale, spinach, lettuce. To grow spinach, find a spot with full sunlight and light shade. How to [...]

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Deer Resistance Plants

Deer are just like us; some foods they say yes to, and others they turn their noses away. Gardeners looking to protect their flowerbeds this spring should install a deer fence first; and as a secondary barrier, plant deer-resistant plants including a mixture of flowers and herbs. Here are different types of plants deer hate eating and [...]

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National Plant a Flower Day

Yesterday, March 12th, was National Plant a Flower Day; and while this was the kick-off to spring gardening, it taught us more about deer management. The flowers of the month are marigolds and daffodils - more than just vibrant spring flowers. They are deer-resistant plants that should be grown around gardens to keep deer at a [...]

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Spring Forward: Pushing the Clocks Ahead

You may have noticed a change this Monday morning. Things may have looked a bit...darker. We are just days away from the first day of Spring (March 20, 2018); and that means that homeowners can finally start planting spring flowers (the good news). (The bad news) Moving the clocks forward on Sunday was more than just losing [...]

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It's National Wildlife Week

Designated by The National Wildlife Federation, National Wildlife Week is an annual celebration that connects conservationists to wildlife. This week is a chance for individuals to learn about endangered animals; their habitats; and how to protect them from hunters and predatory animals.Now is the time to get involved with projects around your community. There are many [...]

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Community Gardens Need Fencing

Spring kicks off the start of a new planting season; and for gardeners who may not have space to manage of a full-scale garden, getting involved in community gardening is just the way to plant, learn, and well... grow!Because community gardeners are responsible for the appearance of their garden plot in a city, it's important [...]

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How To Deter Armadillos

Just as with groundhogs, ridding armadillos from the yard is no easy task. They don't really chew because of small teeth; but they do dig; and they will burrow down 7 to 8" inches down to reach gardens. A common myth is that mothballs with deter armadillos; but don't be fooled. This method will do absolutely [...]

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Gardening Tools Needed For Spring

Spring is around the corner; and as gardeners prepare to plant spring flowers, it's time to plan which gardening supplies and tools to purchase. Consider the following gardening tools to buy now:A Gardening HatThis isn't a fashion statement; it's to keep the sun off your face and protect your skin. Gardeners will appreciate wearing gardening [...]

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