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Best Fence For Cattle Farmers

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

There are many fence types on the market; and each type of fence serves its cause. While PVC-coated metal fences, such as Steel Hex Web or Welded Wire serve well as a deer fence, a high tensile fence is best for cattle management.

High Tensile Fences, or Fixed Knot Fences are used for livestock management (goats, sheep, cattle) and to control heavy deer pressure. Deer Farmers also secure their deer herds with solid lock fences.These woven wire fences are comprised of vertical strands of wire and line wires that are locked together to prevent shifting and sagging with a strong fixed knot.

This type of fence is the strongest metal fence on the market and lasts 20-40 years. Shop Fixed Knot Fence today.

Deerbusters' "Tick Talk" With Dr. Daniel Cameron

Deerbusters sat down with Daniel Cameron, MD. to discuss the dangers of ticks and Lyme Disease. We met with him at his medical practice in Mt. Kisco, NY.  Watch what he has to say about tick disease: Dr. Daniel Cameron, MD, MPH, is a nationally recognized leader for his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment [...]

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My Dog Ate a Tick...Help!

Last week, we talked about what happens if a child eats a tick. We have established that if a kid eats a tick, it is possible that Lyme Disease can spread (if the tick is carrying a tick disease, of course). But, what happens if a dog eats a tick?Pet parents can calm down. Dogs [...]

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A cow elk was euthanized by state officials in November after it strayed from Jackson County into an area of Wisconsin where chronic wasting disease is found.Due to concerns over potential disease transmission, the Department of Natural Resources opted to kill the animal rather than attempt to trap and move it."We're trying to protect the [...]

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My Child Ate a Tick...Help!

Children pick things up from the ground all the time especially bugs, worms and lizards. If a child puts a tick in his/her mouth, this could be concerning. If the tick has a tick disease then it could burst inside the child's mouth; and spread the infection including Lyme Disease. This could happen from a cold [...]

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The Most Popular Fence Types

There are many types of fence on the market, but not all are appropriate for deer management. Some serve better as a privacy fence while others may be better as a dog fence. Here are the most popular fence types on the market: AluminumWoodPVCWrought IronVinylChain LinkElectricBambooWhile wood, and sometimes wrought iron, looks beautiful in the yard, [...]

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CDC Apologizes For Muffin Scare

Take a look at this poppy seed muffin. Looks appetizing, doesn't it? Well, it may have ticks in it. Can you spot them?To demonstrate that people do not know what a tick looks like, or how small they can be, the CDC released a photo with five ticks embedded in the muffin. Most people are [...]

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New York Launches Tick Disease Control Plan

Syracuse, N.Y. -- New York state will launch a multi-pronged control plan for tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease.Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today that state agencies will expand tick-control programs, widen efforts to educate people about tick-borne diseases, and even develop better tests for the diseases, which are difficult to diagnose."Lyme disease and other tick-borne [...]

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Study Confirms: Deer Fencing Is Effective For Tick Control

Abstract:White-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus (Zimmermann), are a major host for the adult stage of the blacklegged tick, Ixodes scapularis Say, and lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum L. The resurging population of deer in the twentieth century is linked to the emergence of multiple tick-borne pathogens associated with these and other tick species, particularly Lyme disease. [...]

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Keep These Animals Away From Crops

Wildlife are doing what they can to survive; and while we encourage them to eat, we didn't mean that they should be in our farms and gardens to sample our goods. In the United States, wild animals account for more than $944 million in agricultural losses each year. The main complaint from growers is that deer [...]

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