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The Easter Bunny Is Coming For Your Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

It's Good Friday; and that means that in 48 hours, the Easter Bunny will be hopping his way into gardens to score fresh vegetables from home gardens. Rabbits are the second most destructive garden critters, after white-tailed deer; and growers are looking for the best garden management strategy to rid bunnies and rabbits from landscapes. Here's how to do it:

Hexagonal Fence

A fence, hexagonal in shape, is best to keep away rabbits from gardens. Thanks to small mesh dimensions (1" x 1"), bunnies will not be able to slip through the holes. The hexagonal shape is strong to resist chew marks caused by gnawing rabbits that use the fence to trim down their teeth - growing 5" inches each year. PVC on hexagonal fencing is highly recommended to act as a secondary layer of protection. 

19 Gauge Welded Wire

Weld Wire Fence is another strong rabbit fence; however, it is a secondary choice to a steel hex fence. The hole sizes on 19 gauge welded wire fence are small to block bunny intrusion; however, the squares are not as strong as the hexagonal knots on the fence and may not work against larger animals. 

Installation Tip for metal rabbit fencing

Trench the fence into the ground about 6 inches to block burrowing attempts from rabbits.

Are Deer Committing Suicide On Highways?

Graceful as a white-tailed deer appears as it leaps through tall grass or runs full-tilt and undeterred through a thick forest, man-made structures can baffle them and lead to sights like a pair of deer lying dead on a bicycle path.Carlos Gomez, an Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation game warden for Tulsa County, had the [...]

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Michigan Deer Test Positive For Bovine TB

Recently, a whitetail deer in Michigan tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB), a bacterial disease that attacks the respiratory system. It is incredibly rare for this disease to surface in wild deer even though it was, historically, common in cattle. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), prior to 1994, there were only [...]

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Drooping Fence Mesh On Posts?

When installing fence posts, some installers may choose to go 10 feet apart as opposed to the recommended 15-20 feet apart. This is okay as long as they are prepared to see drooping, or sagging, of the fence mesh from post to post.To tighten the fence mesh, installers will need to tension the mesh with monofilament [...]

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Deer Culls Continue On Fire Island

In a controversial move to protect William Floyd Estate's landscape, 25 deer were shot and killed in the 1-square-mile Mastic Beach park on three March nights — and another cull is planned there for next year, federal officials said.Two more hunts over the next two years are also planned for a section of Fire Island [...]

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Do Dogs Need Exercise?

Dogs really are just like humans: They need time to socialize with friends; a chance to play and unwind; healthy foods to eat; and yes...even a regular fitness regiment. Exercise is very important for dogs' animal health;and eating healthy dog food isn't enough. Puppies need at least 30 minutes of daily activity to maintain healthy bones [...]

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Catios Vs Cat Fencing

Cats deserve outside playtime just as much as dogs; and while there are outdoor enclosures for cats on the market, cat owners often get confused which one to buy for their kitties. Catios are not the same thing as cat fences; and one may be better than another for certain types of homeowners. Let's break it [...]

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Coyote Attacks On Humans

Northern Texas residents have been on edge since October 2018. Not because they live in one of the hottest territories in the United States; but because residents have seen coyotes and experienced at least seven attacks.The reason for the increase in coyote sightings may be because of human error. Whether intentionally, or not, people are [...]

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Golf Season Begins To See Wandering Deer

The golf industry brings an estimated $84 billion to U.S. revenue thanks to sales and tourism. Golf season kicks off the month of April and does not end until November each year. This is great news for golfers who are looking to get outside and play a friendly round of golf on the greens. The problem [...]

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Study Confirms: Whitetails Increase Predation

LEWISTON – Researchers at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game are trying to get a better understanding of the relationship between white-tailed deer and predators in northern Idaho.The project is tied to a larger study on predator and prey relationships throughout the state, said Mark Hurley, wildlife research manager for the department at Boise. [...]

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