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Best Fence For Backyard Chickens

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Like any other animal, chickens are not meant to be cooped-up all day. They need a large area to walk and not be on top of other chicks. Many backyard poultry owners may or may not know that free-roaming chickens produce better-tasting eggs (fluffier!) and have happier chickens. 

With owning backyard chickens comes challenges, such as how to protect chickens in the yard and keep them safe from external predatory animals. There are many fence types on the market; but not all are recommended for chickens. 

Chickens, turkeys, and other types of poultry all chew; so, it wouldn't make much sense to keep them enclosed around a plastic fence. Often, backyard chicken owners will buy hexagonal steel fences; and while this is the best type of fence for chickens, it should have a PVC-coating around the fence to protect the metal material from chew marks caused by chickens or outside predators. The PVC adds a secondary layer for weather-resistance, as well. 

Metal fences with PVC-coating are the way to go to protect chickens from foxes, coyotes and other predatory wildlife that may try to harm the flock. Foxes and coyotes cannot jump over 5-6 feet; so, this is a good height for a chicken fence. PVC metal chicken fences are chew-proof and will last up to 30 years outside. 

Why Use Electric Fence?

"We just can't take it anymore." That's usually what Deerbusters hears from gardeners who are done giving second chances to deer. Electric fences are great in gardens because they do not block views of the landscape. They are less maintenance than traditional fences and are affordable for gardeners. They are also easy to install!Gardeners also use [...]

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Clear the Shelters 2018 Is This Weekend

Clear the Shelters is a national movement that will be held this weekend on Saturday, August 18, 2018 to match pets with perspective pet owners. Free Pet AdoptionAnimal rescues and humane societies will lower adoption fees or eliminate them entirely for the one-day Clear the Shelters event.To get pets ready for their new home, perspective pet owners [...]

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Longhorned Tick Sighting In Pennsylvania

The first appearance of an Asian tick has been found in Pennsylvania and that has livestock owners worried.A longhorned tick, native to Australia and Western Pacific regions, was found on a wild white-tailed deer in Potter Township in Centre County in July.It had previously been found over the last year in New Jersey, Arkansas, Virginia, [...]

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Protect Christmas Tree Farms From Deer Damage

In a recent poll, Americans announced that Christmas was in fact their favorite holiday; and what they love most about the holiday has nothing to do with presents; but with evergreen trees that symbolize Christmas Day. To protect America's favorite trees, Christmas tree farmers need to implement deer management strategies to keep Rudolph and the [...]

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Best Fence For Large Dogs

Choosing to fence in dogs in the backyard will serve them well throughout their lifetime. They will be able to play in a safe environment while getting exercise and bonding with their owners. But, which type of fence is appropriate for your dog. Many pet owners believe that chain-link is the best type of fence for [...]

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Wisconsin DNR Board Approves Deer Farm Changes

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The state Department of Natural Resources’ board has unanimously approved an emergency rule that requires deer farms to strengthen their fences as part of an attempt to slow the spread of chronic wasting disease.The rule calls for deer farms that have had a CWD infection to install a second fence or [...]

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It's National Golf Month!

August is National Golf Month, a time to celebrate golfing as a sport. Golf brings in many different crowds: beginner golfers; veterans and even...wildlife. To keep deer off golf courses, deer management strategies are a must for golf course owners. Here's what they need to start doing for the safety of their players:Deer FencingInstalling a [...]

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Albino Deer Spotted In Wisconsin

John Mathie sighted a rare white deer in the woods near Boulder Junction, about 230 miles outside of Madison, WI.  "I thought, 'wow, so rare to see such a large symmetrical rack on an albino,'" Mathie said. "I was excited and felt very fortunate." Albinism is a congenital condition defined by the absence of pigment, resulting in [...]

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It's World Cat Day!

Cats are great pets, especially for individuals that are on-the-run and like to travel. This World Cat Day, we will explore the reasons why it's great to be a cat owner. Cats are independent and can take care of themselves.Cats are low-maintenance - just feed them and give them fresh litter.Cats can entertain themselves - but [...]

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