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When To Grow Trees?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

When thinking about plants to grow, we may forget trees. More often than not, we may think they just came naturally from Mother Nature - or perhaps a higher being. Nevertheless, tree growers are proud of the lovely greens they create. Gardeners interested in the hobby may be wondering when is the best time to grow trees and how to maintain them. 

Ideally, trees are planted during the dormant season – in the fall after leaf drop or in early spring before bud-break. Expert tree growers will agree that August, September and October are good months to begin planting trees. Weather conditions are cool and allow plants to establish roots in the new location before spring rains and summer heat stimulate new top growth.

Tree Care Maintenance

Trees will require attention like other types of plants; and they will need to stay protected from wildlife such as deer and small critters. In the fall to early winter, adding 1-2 inches of mulch will insulate the soil and tree roots dealing with harsh winter temperatures. Watering tree trunks before the ground freezes is a must, too. 

In the fall months, deer will rub their antlers against tree bark to remove dried velvet in preparation for breeding season; and rabbits and other small critters will eat tree bark as their food source throughout the year. To protect trees from wildlife damage, tree growers should consider using tree guards around the base of young trees. As trees mature, deer fencing around tree farms may be required.

Fence Post Installation Tips

Installing line posts is the second step in the fence installation process [after driving in ground sleeves]. Before mounting line posts, it is best to read these fence post installation tips:1. Line posts will be placed every 15-20 feet along the fence line. The line posts can go closer; but the fence mesh will risk [...]

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Rid Pesky Critters From Gardens. Here's How.

Gardeners dealing with rabbits, groundhogs, woodchucks and gophers eating plants are looking for solutions to control agriculture damage- and they won't like the answer.There isn't a good way to control critter damage in gardens. The problem is that these pesky garden animals not only gnaw through plastic fencing; but they build tunnel systems to reach [...]

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New Product: 6' x 100' Advanced Multi-Purpose Fence

Just Released! 6' x 100' Advanced All Purpose FenceThis type of plastic deer fence can be used for a variety of applications including pond protection and wildlife protection from eating plants. It can also be used to block debris and leaves from blowing to areas of a landscape. This plastic garden fence is long-lasting - up [...]

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Best Posts For Woven Wire Fence

When thinking about buying heavy duty deer fence, or even livestock fence, farmers and property owners alike choose to install woven wire fence. Woven wire fence, also known as Fixed Knot Fence or Solid Lock Fence, is the strongest type of metal deer fence on the market and is suitable for securing cattle, sheep, pigs [...]

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Do Deer Repellents Work?

When looking at different methods for deer deterrence, a popular choice is to buy deer repellents; however, we are on the fence about them. Do they work for keeping deer away from gardens or don't they? Here is what we know.Deer repellents are inexpensive; and as such, they become popular choices for homeowners that do [...]

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Deer Shedding Antlers Caught On Video

Anyone looking for a pair of antlers?Footage shows a deer shedding its antlers in the middle of the night.Worker impairment is a serious safety issue. Drug and alcohol abuse is not the only cause. Prescriptions can be a factor, too. Be proactive with four strategies for ha...Amazingly, the animal appeared to shake off the antlers [...]

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January Is Train Your Dog Month

December holidays lead to pets finding forever homes; and while this is a high-five moment for animal shelters, new pet owners may be thinking "okay, now what do I do?" Because new pet owners may be clueless how to care for pets, January is declared to be Train Your Dog Month. There are many training [...]

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Gnat Bites Lead To Deer Deaths

PENDLETON — The death of roughly 2,000 white-tailed deer in Umatilla County is being blamed on a virus spread by tiny gnats.Greg Rimbach, district biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Pendleton field office, said die-offs found between Milton-Freewater and Pilot Rock due to Epizootic hemorrhagic disease occur every couple of years, but [...]

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Best Plants To Grow In Winter

Don't call it quits just yet! There are tons of plants to grow in wintertime. Winter vegetables, such as kale and Brussels Sprouts, are hardy plants that can handle cool temperatures and even snow on the ground. Here are some vegetables to grow outdoors in winter: Onions and ShallotsGarlicSpring OnionsPerpetual SpinachBroad BeansPeasAsparagusWinter SaladsThese crops are easy [...]

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