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When Do Bears Come Out Of Hibernation?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Outdoor enthusiasts don't see many bears in the winter months. This is because bears go into "hibernation" mode - not a full sleep - but a slow-down in movement. In the fall, they eat up to 90 pounds of food each day in preparation for winter hibernation when their metabolism dramatically slows down. 

Bear hibernation usually ends in March or April; but can come to a close as early as February! This is a problem for home growers that are planting gardens for spring...and equally as big of a problem for beekeepers who want to protect honey beehives.

Bear Management 

To prevent bear damage in gardens, gardeners need to consider bear hibernation and install electric netting as a primary or secondary barrier around a garden or current wildlife fence. Electric fence is the best type of fence to rid bears from gardens. 

Bears will soon be wide awake. Consider bear management strategies now. 

Cold Weather Pet Tips

Across the Mid-Atlantic region, and New England, northern's are experiencing chilly temperatures and a bit of snow after the weekend's arctic blast. This is a good time to go over pet safety tips during cold weather. While dogs like to play out in the fenced-in backyard, pet owners need to understand that pets should not be outside [...]

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How To Start a Backyard Vineyard

So, you're serious about wine and are interested in grape growing.Starting a vineyard is a lucrative business if done correctly; however the initial investment may lead vineyard owners with sticker shock. The average cost to start a backyard vineyard is $35,000-45000 per acre. Before growers begin planting grapes for wine making, they need to ask [...]

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Why Use Deer Fencing For Vineyard Protection?

Like other types of fruits, grape protection is a must; and vineyard managers know all too well how frustrating it can be to lose their hard work to pesky deer and small critters. Hear this testimonial from Brian Roeder, owner of Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, VA about why he chose to install deer fencing from around [...]

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Can Grapevines Survive Winter?

European grapevines are more susceptible to disease and have less tolerance for cold temperatures than American grapevines - this is good news for American grape growers. While frost will generally not kill grapevines, it isn't fun to deal with on wineries. There are many winter gardening tasks that must be performed this season to guarantee [...]

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Birds To Keep Out In the Garden

Birds: Gardeners either love them or hate them. Some gardeners will feed the birds to get them through the winter; but others just want them gone! Some birds, such as crows and blackbirds, are destructive in gardens and will eat fruits and veggies from home gardens. Here are tips to rid birds from gardens:How to [...]

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Prepare Gardens For Winter

The winter weather may be challenging for some home gardeners; but there is still plenty of gardening work that needs to be done (and plenty to grow!). Gardeners will need to perform these gardening tasks this winter to prepare for spring:Limit fertilization as you prepare for winterContinue watering to provide trees and plants with ample [...]

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How To Install Fence Posts In Hard Ground

Starting a DIY project can be fun; but like every new project, it comes with its challenges. Before beginning the DIY project, consider your soil type. If the ground is hard, clay and rocky, it may be a struggle to install fence posts as well as some types of ground stakes such as a Kinked Fence [...]

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Oregon Law States "Roadkill Can Be Used For Food"

COOS COUNTY — Deer and elk killed accidentally on Oregon roads can now be brought home for dinner.According to a press release from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Jan. 1 of 2019 was the beginning of this new law, Senate Bill 372, which was passed during the 2017 Oregon State Legislative session.This law [...]

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What To Grow In January

Don't put away your gardening accessories just yet. There are plenty of winter vegetables to grow in January for salads and side dishes. When we think of winter, we think of greens and herbs. Here are plants that will grow in January with the proper care: Broad beansAsparagusPeas and pea shootsGarlicOnions, spring onions and shallotsWinter lettuceLambs [...]

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