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Ground Sleeve Installation Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Installing deer fencing is easy for most DIY'ers - that is, of course, if one reads the instructions prior to tackling the task at hand. Before installing yard fence, it's best to confirm that one has basic tools including sledgehammers, scissors, etc.

Ground sleeve installation is the first step in the deer fence installation process. Ground sleeves are the base where fence posts lay. It is important that ground sleeves are flush with the ground and are as even as possible. To start, it is recommended that ground sleeves are pounded into the ground using a sledgehammer. Ground sleeves will pound 30 inches into the ground where they will live for "X" number of months, years. It is recommended to use drive caps when pounding the sleeves. The driver caps, available for 1 5/8" posts and 1 3/8" posts, slide into ground sleeves at the top and ensure that the sleeve does not mushroom when pounding into the ground. Ultimately, drive caps are for ground sleeve protection. 

Having a magnetic level will be the next item to buy for deer fence post installation for fence installers and homeowners that care how straight fence posts are on the property line. 

Deerbusters Introduces New Trellis Netting unveiled trellis netting last year as we saw an increasing need for these products by vegetable gardeners; cannabis growers and hemp growers alike to help vertical plants grow. Deerbusters offers different white trellis nets; and now, we have added more options for all types of gardeners. Trident Trellis Netting in white is great for use in horticulture, [...]

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Where Can I Find Deer?

White-tailed deer are beautiful animals - both graceful and majestic in nature; and for outdoor enthusiasts looking to capture wildlife photography or just see them in all of their beauty, they won't be hard to come by. Here's why.Whitetails can be found everywhere. The most common lookout spots for white-tailed deer include: wetlands,forests, grasslands, arid scrublands and [...]

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Coronavirus Allows Wildlife To Be Fearless

While everyone is staying at home during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, deer herds are not shying away from urban settings. With lack of people around, deer are becoming fearless, entering into territories they would typically avoid such as the city.Alan Morris snapped a photo near the University of Pittsburgh showing deer munching on grass. Deer [...]

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Protect Cats: Enforce Coyote Management

New research declares that coyotes will choose domestic cats as snacks [in addition to anything else they can stick in their mouths] throughout the course of the year. While coyotes generally stay away from people, they choose to attack small pets if given the opportunity. To protect feline companions, fence installation is recommended. Here are two [...]

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Protect Cats From Coyotes, Study Declares

Coyotes thrive in urban environments—in fact, these crafty canids can now be found in nearly every city in the United States. Now, as Gizmodo’s George Dvorsky reports, a new study offers insight into one way that coyotes have been able to adapt to city-living: They eat a whole lot of human-related food, including garbage, fruit [...]

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When Tick Season Begins

We rarely hear of ticks in the winter as temperatures dive below freezing; but this season is not typically the start of tick season. While ticks do not "go away" in winter, they become dormant and hide underneath leaves in fire logs for insulation. As the weather changes from cool to warm, individuals will start [...]

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Spring Pet Care Tips

Spring is a sign of rebirth; and pets know it. They are ready for warmer weather and time spent outdoors just as much as their human sidekicks. As a pet owner, the safety of our pets is vital. Here are some things pet owners should know moving into the spring season:Pets Need Exercise.There are over [...]

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Why Use Predator Animal Urine On Lawns

Like other wildlife in the animal kingdom, deer have their friends and their foes. To protect themselves from becoming deer meat, they hide in the woods away from such predatory animals including wolves, mountain lions, bears, jaguars, and coyotes.Homeowners that wish to rid whitetails from lawns and gardens may choose to apply wolf or coyote animal urine to [...]

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Bear Movement In Spring

When we think about bears, we typically think about Winnie the Pooh, a fun loving bear who hangs out with friends eating honey. But, that isn't what happens in real-time. Bears can be quite aggressive and eat all types of plants from lawns and gardens. While in winter they go into hibernation, their movements change [...]

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