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When Is Deer Rut Season?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

During the summer months, bucks will develop dried velvet on their antlers that will become quite heavy, unattractive and uncomfortable by the beginning of September. To look desirable by doe, male deer will find trees to rub the velvet off their antlers. This process is known as rutting. 

The action may make the deer feel better; however, it leads to anguish by tree growers who will see damage to tree bark. To protect trees, growers will need to take precautionary steps at the start of the fall season including protecting young trees with tree guards or fencing out deer with full deer fence enclosures. 

When we think about fall, we think about the deer rutting season; and the damage that will incur to trees. 

Trident Fence Vs. Tenax Fence

Spec to spec, Trident Deer Fence and TENAX Deer Fence seem virtually similar: 10-20 year lifespan; 650-1400 pound breaking strength; and approximately 1.77" x 1.97" mesh dimensions. So, what separates Trident Fence from TENAX Fence? After all, they both offer plastic deer fencing; and they both offer different strength grades.What makes Trident Deer Fence special lays at [...]

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Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease In Deer

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) is a hemorrhagic disease of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) caused by an infection of a virus from the genus Orbivirus subsequently called Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHDV).It is one of the most common diseases of white-tailed deer affecting deer herd in the northern United States. There have been sporadic cases in Pennsylvania [...]

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Benefits Of Welded Wire Fence

After looking at welded wire fence, it's no wonder why homeowners choose to use it around their landscapes, swimming pools and gardens.For one, weld wire fencing is more pleasing to the eye than traditional fence such as chain-link fence. The different mesh dimensions on welded fencing allow homeowners to choose a style that fits their land [...]

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Most Common Deer Diseases

Deer are the number one carriers of ticks in the United States and are prone to Lyme Disease and other vector diseases. In addition, they are known for spreading Chronic Wasting Disease from animal to animal, affecting domestic deer herds. But, these diseases are just two of many more that fall on deer. Here are [...]

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Fibromatosis in Deer

Photo credit by Julie CarrowA photographer in Minnesota captured photographs of a deer covered in large tumors called fibromas. Fibromatosis in deer is a common skin disease that affects mule deer, black-tailed deer and other cervid members in North America.There is evidence to support that the skin tumors are caused by a pappilloma virus. The disease [...]

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Funding For School Garden Programs

School gardens are being planted all across the country in schools for primary and secondary aged students to learn and grow. Not only do children learn how plants get from ground to plate; but they learn how to work cooperatively as a team and how to manage gardens with proper growing methods.Once school garden program managers know where they wish [...]

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Rare Tick Virus Kills NY Resident

A rare virus spread by ticks has caused a fatality in New York, health officials in Ulster County said Thursday.A resident of Gardiner, New York, became the first diagnosis of Powassan virus in the state this year. The victim of the virus did have an underlying condition, the health department said.Though rare, the virus -- [...]

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How To Start a School Garden Program

School gardens are sprouting up all around the country in local elementary, middle and high schools; and it's no wonder why. According to the U.S. Labor Department, the average age of farmers and ranchers is 58 years old and teaching children at a young age inspires them to get outside and grow. Having a school garden on [...]

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Keep Deer Off Golf Courses

August is a great time of year to be on the golf course with friends and colleagues. After all, this month, being National Golf Month, boasts great deals at driving ranges and sales on golf accessories. But, people are not the only ones visiting golf resorts this month. Deer are continuing to browse landscapes for [...]

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